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Director : Asit Sen
Producer : Charu Chitra
Writer : Nihar Ranjan Gupta
Music : Roshan
Cast : Suchitra Sen, Ashok Kumar and Dharmendra

Monish Rai (Ashok Kumar) comes from a wealthy family, and is in love with Deviyani (Suchitra Sen), who is poor. Monish has to travel abroad to further his education in law, but promises to stay in touch with Deviyani. After his departure, financial problems overwhelm Deviyani and her father. She approaches Monish’s mother for financial assistance, but is refused. In desperation, Deviyani’s father marries her off to a much older man, Rakhal Bhattacharya, who has loaned money to Deviyani’s father. Rakhal is also an alcoholic and frequents prostitutes.

Deviyani becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby girl, Suparna. Unhappy with her marriage and her circumstances, she runs away, and becomes a devadasi, or temple dancer, performing for a male clientele. She is however found by Rakhal, who blackmails her for money, and who attempts to kidnap Suparna on more than one occasion. Deviyani approaches Mother Mary, the Mother Superior of a convent and leaves Suparna in her care. Deviyani subsequently disappears. When Monish returns to the city, he thinks he has seen Deviyani, but is told by others that the person he has seen is a Lucknow-based prostitute, Pannabai.

Is Deviyani still alive? Who is Pannabai? What happened to Suparna?

Veteran actress (Suchitra Sen) portrays the double role both of Deviyani and Suparna.

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