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When Akshay Kumar tries to help a helpless Kuwaiti mother, in that process, Iraqi soldiers find that Akshay is trying to protect and maker her cross the border, they try to create problem there. Iraqi soldiers wants to take Akshay Kumar’s all money as well as they want to have fun with his wife, which tempers Akshay kumar. He fights back and in the process, when Akshay Kumar was about get shot by Iraqi, all Indians comes together to fight with iraqi soldiers. Finally at once, all Indian refugees gets chance to help back to Akshay Kumar.

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Airlift is a 2016 Indian patriotic movie film directed by Raja Krishna Menon, and starring Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur. The film captures the story of the Indians stuck in Kuwait during first Gulf War of 1990 August, through the eyes of Ranjit Katiyal and a few other characters. This is a story about how these Indians, with the help of Ranjit Katiyal, managed to survive the Iraqi invasion, and against all odds, move across Iraq into Jordan, from where they were brought home to India by the largest ever Airlift attempted in the history of the world.

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