DC Superhero Girls Rescue Mission on Epic Toy Channel

DC Superhero Girls Rescue Mission on Epic Toy Channel
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When a box arrived with Zoey’s name on it Cassi couldn’t resist taking a peek inside. And that’s when she saw them… Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Bumble Bee and Katana all of Cassi’s favorite DC Super Hero Girls action dolls. Immediately Cassi was overcome with envy.. she was actually “green with envy”, just like Cheetah was on Cassi’s favorite episode of DC Super Hero Girls.

As soon as Zoey walked into the room she could sense that something wasn’t quite right. Upon Zoey realizing that Cassi was green with envy, Zoey offered to share the new action dolls with her. Cassi wasn’t having it.. she ran with the box of dolls in hand. “What would Wonder Woman do in a situation like this”, Zoey asked to herself. Just then she geared up and put on her DC Superhero Girls Wonder Woman Bracelet Launcher. In effort of helping Cassi snap out of it, she chased her around and used her awesome bracelet launcher on her. It didn’t take much for Cassi to realize the error in her ways and finally share the dolls with Zoey.

Afterwards Zoey and Cassi from Epic Toy Channel used their imaginations as they played with Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Bumble Bee and Katana.

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