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#Frustrated_News_Reader || Telugu Latest Comedy Short Film || Crazy Cats || PJR MEDIA
Crazy Cat is a channel of web series making the concepts of frastation of lovers,wife and husbands, relationship of friends, funny situations We lands in the videos and Sketches are a funny take on these situations and how he reacts being in those situations, his high energy and dialogue delivery style makes him unique, his videos are also inspired from from many of the movies he watches and contain parodies of movie dialogues.
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Genre : Comedy, Slice Of Life
Frustrated Woman FRUSTRATION
Crazy Auditions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=412uwvupF80
Type : Witty, Bold, comicalWatch & Enjoy # Crazy Auditions TELUGU LATEST COMEDY || BY JAI&KRISH|| SUBSCRIBE Crazy Cats
Artist : krish.naninaresh.suchitha swathi thirupathi reddy venkat sujatha
Movie Name: #intreview
Banner: #Crazy_Cats
Dop: Balu
Editor: Ramesh Gaddam
music: PJR Studio
Dubbing: Sagar
Production House: #PJR_Media
Directors ; Jai&krish
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