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Some classics keep their strength for decades. We can safely say that Airscape has already firmly established that notion, hence the fact that ten years after its initial release, the original producers behind this anthem, Johan Gielen and Sven Maes, decided to give “L’Esperanza” an incredible state of the art makeover. The S&G 2009 Remix of “L’Esperanza” is a true powerhouse version, that will impress both the party people who were there when it all happened and most certainly the current trance aficionados. The 2009 remix delivers a truly symphonic rendition, complete with harder beats, new percussion and thick layers of ripping strings that carry the heart wrenching theme to new heights. The DJs that will play this version during their live sets should brace themselves for an ecstatic dance floor where everyone will raise their hands in the air all the while totally enjoying the touching and overwhelming deep trance sound of the song. To complete the full history of “L’Esperanza”, we have included the excellent but hard to find 1999 original version plus the remixes by Tiësto and Armin van Buuren. Airscape with “L’Esperanza” in the S&G 2009 Remix is a monster track that will last for another decade! More Info: https://ift.tt/333WVGv

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