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New Trailers, Marvel & DC Crossover in Fortnite, DC Major Controversy, Shang-Chiand much much more in Nerdy News

0:22 Comic Con Update
0:47 New Trailers
1:37 Concept Arts
2:06 Wonder Woman 84 Update
2:24 Falcon & The Winter Soldier Update
3:14 LOKI Show Update
3:19 Shang-Chi and The Legend of Ten Rings Movie Shooting Update
3:22 Wanda Vision Update
3:45 Batman Live Action Movie Rumuor
4:02 Avenger’s Infinity War Behind-The-Scenes Video on Wakanda War
4:22 Avenger’s Endgame Behind-The-Scene of Captain America
4:34 Synder Cut Major Reveal
4:45 Hawkeye into a Super Villan
4:57 Spider Man Into The Spider Verse Part 2
5:19 DC’s Major Controversy
6:03 Guardians of The Galaxy-2 Update by James Gunn
6:25 Batman vs Superman on HBO Update
6:41 Captain America in Fortnite

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