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What is Dark Matter Made of in Telugu || Dark Matter Part 2 | Space Facts |Telugu Alchemist

Please do Watch Dark Matter Evidence here:
Dark matter Part -1 : https://youtu.be/93numApPWC8

hello space lovers in this video am going to discuss about dark matter particles and dark matter is very deep topic in space videos and dark matter clumps was discovered by hubble telescope as we know like gravitational lencing and roational speed of the galaxies make us to rethink about invisible matter holding galaxy and some other evidences that says there is dark matter holding the universe so i talked about dark matter evidence in my previous video now this video is depth analysis about dark matter and this videos are specially for telugu space lovers and who are more interested to know cosmological secrets in depth so telugu space video lovers will
enjoy this content and there are more space technology and facts and mystery topics coming in this channel so please do subscribe for space videos in telugu and space facts thanks

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