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this pickle is generally made during the end of the winter season.Usually, the farmers harvest the chilies when they are still green.but by the end of the winter season, they leave some batches of chilies on the plants without harvesting.and allow them to turn red on the plant itself.later they harvest the ripe red chilies and leave under sunlight until they turn dry.at that time the farmers sell some ripe red chilies for pickling.

The quantity of the tamarind depends upon the variety of chilies you are using. Thin variety chilies are usually too spicy .for that you need to use 300 grams of tamarind per kg.after making pickle if you feel the pickle is spicy then add a little more tamarind.

I suggest you not to add Tadka at once.take out the small quantity of pickle from the storage jar and add Tadka to it.2 to 3 months aged pickle tastes better than fresh pickle.This utterly delicious pickle tastes amazing when served very hot rice and ghee or fresh homemade butter. also tastes good when served curd rice.

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