Zero (2018) – VFX Breakdown Showreel | Redchillies.vfx

More than a year after the release of Zero, one of the biggest VFX projects that we have undertaken, Redchillies.vfx proudly brings to you the VFX breakdown of the movie. Some lesser known facts about the showreel are :
– 2325 VFX Shots
– 1.2 Petabytes of Data
– 327 Workstations
– 18,72,000 render hours
– 1 VFX shot taken 5 times
…and so much more.

The movie involved all the fronts of a VFX project, from :
– 3D modelling (both human and animal)
– Set Extensions
– Digital De-Aging
– 3D Animation
– Water and Smoke simulation
…. and more that you can clearly see in the VFX showreel.

We hope you like the showreel and the efforts of countless VFX artists behind it. Do leave your feedback in the comments below and subscribe to the channel to stay tuned for the exciting content that is yet to come!

Have a great Holi everyone!

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